E-MTB beginner course

For beginners who have never dealt in depth with the subject of driving technique. Relaxed and easy to find the fun in biking... from asphalt to gravel road to single trail. Taster course for 3 hours.

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Saturday 21.10.2023
CHF 95.00
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Martin Grunder
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You learn basics like

  • The correct position on the bike (maintain control at all times)
  • Balance and dexterity (ascending/descending; balance)
  • The right settings on my bike (what matters…)
  • Starting and dismounting on the mountain… no problem with the right technique
  • Riding on simple terrain, such as small waves, ledges and light root passages
  • Tips on the appropriate level of motor support and the care of your E-MTB

Target price

You can move safely and correctly with your E-MTB on the road, off-road or in the Swiss Bike Park (Oberried).

  • E-MTB Einsteiger-Kurs
    CHF 95.00
    Martin Grunder