Diagnostic Lab and Bike Fitting

Visit our Diagnostics Lab in Oberried!

The bike fitting measurement system was developed to find the ideal position on the bike by measuring the body. Only the correct sitting position on the bike enables the rider to transfer power to the pedals.

Hobby athletes, ambitious amateurs and professional athletes have at least two things in common: firstly, they want to ride their bikes without discomfort and secondly, they want to transfer their power to the pedals as efficiently as possible. Muscle, joint and pelvic pain in particular can spoil the fun. Minor aches and pains become major and, in the worst case, major aches and pains become chronic.

But in addition to comfort, power transmission and, for some, aerodynamics are also important. Of course, everyone’s needs are different, just as we are all unique in our body types. Determining a position based on size charts is not much more than a guide. Only the combination and weighting of comfort, power transmission and aerodynamics, together with our experience and the measured values, will result in the perfect position. It’s worth it!

The bike fitting takes place at the SwissBikePark in Oberried near Köniz.


Do you want to know more precisely whether your position is correct? You can do this with a bike fitting in which we work with digital measuring methods.

Here you can find the differences between Bike Fitting and Bike Fitting Pro.

PriceCHF 250.-CHF 400.-
Dauer1h00 – 1h30As long as needed
Clarification of needs, discomfort, goals and activity levelxx
Body measurement with analysis of body proportionsxx
Measuring the current bike: “actual position”xx
Checking mobility, symmetry and foot positionxx
Adjustment of cleatsxx
Video analysis with 3D camera and laserxx
3D pedal force analysis to optimize pedalling efficiency x
Recommendation of the optimal frame size for Thömus bikesxx
Recommendation of the optimal frame size for other brands x
Setting the new position on the bike: ” desired position”xx
Saddle test: test and compare several saddles x
Individual tips on flexibility/strength training x

Your bike fitting experts in Oberried

Performance Tests

Do you sometimes feel like your cycling level is stagnating and are unsure how you could optimize your training? Would you like to know how fit you are and how you can achieve your goals? Then take advantage of the opportunity to do a performance test at Thömus now!

Your blood lactate value is measured on the training roller at different intensities to determine your physiological threshold values (aerobic and anaerobic threshold) precisely. This allows you to adjust your training to make it as effective as possible. After the test, you will receive a brief explanation of your results and how you can use them in your training. You have the option of carrying out the test on your own bike.

During the consultation, we will be happy to explain various training principles that will help you make progress in cycling. The consultation will be adapted to your personal needs and training options. This consultation can be booked in combination with the test or individually.

  • Price: Test (1 hour): 200.
  • Consultation: 150.- per hour.
  • Test + consultation (2 hours): 300.-

The endurance test is a maximum test with high intensity and is suitable for all healthy people who have never been advised against high-intensity sporting activities or who suffer from heart and lung problems or high blood pressure. If you have any doubts about your current state of health, we recommend that you first have an ECG performed by your general practitioner. The European Society of Cardiology recommends that all people over the age of 35 have a resting ECG before the test.

Additional Sports Medicine Package from the MedBase Sports Medical Center (CHF 500.-)

  • Sports medical anamnesis based on a standardized questionnaire (sent out in advance)
  • Sports medical examination (general medical status and musculoskeletal status: joints/muscles/posture, etc.)
  • Performance and interpretation of an ECG (electrocardiogram) and sports laboratory (blood sample) as well as assessment of the current cardiovascular risk (risk of heart attack or stroke) – this examination can also be used to complete a sports medical certificate, as is often required for participation in competitions in Italy or France.
  • Creation of a Report

Anthropometry (CHF 80.-, in a package CHF 50.-)

  • Measurement of body composition with interpretation (body weight, height, waist circumference)