Level 2: E-MTB trail technique course

For advanced e-bikers or participants from the e-bike basic technique course who want to further develop their riding technique.

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Friday 2.08.2024
CHF 175.00
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Martin Grunder
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You will learn other elements like

  • Brief review of basic techniques such as basic position, balance, braking techniques appropriate to the situation, etc.
  • Lifting the front wheel… the right exercises for rough terrain
  • Overcoming obstacles, steps and landings
  • Basic cornering technique… with more fun and speed into the change of direction
  • Narrow hairpin bends, uphill – downhill… never again descend in drivable hairpin bends
  • Line selection: the one and only for safe e-mountain biking!
  • Driving through root passages and steep terrain sections
  • Techniques for smooth riding on challenging trails and single trails

Target price

Much more fun in the Swiss Bike Park (Oberried), on single trails and in challenging alpine terrain.


You already have single trail experience, have participated in riding technique courses and have acquired the necessary basic techniques.


E-bike (min. 120mm suspension travel front and rear)

  • Tire: E-mountain bike with studded tires in good condition
  • Saddle: The bike should ideally have a lowerable seatpost, but at least a quick release. So you can lower the saddle completely at any time.
  • Handlebar: Recommended width (>740mm)
  • Pedals: Flat pedals are best for the technical exercises in the terrain
  • Bike shoes: suitable shoes for use on flat pedals (flat, soft rubber sole).

E-bikes can be rented from us upon request and advance reservation.

Other equipment

  • Helmet and long finger gloves are mandatory
  • Bike clothing suitable for the weather
  • Glasses are recommended
  • Optional: protectors for shin, knee and elbow
  • A backpack with spare clothes, rain gear, drink, small snack, sunscreen, personal medication is recommended.
  • Important spare parts for your bike

  • E-MTB Trailtechnik Ü50
    CHF 175.00
    Martin Grunder
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  • E-MTB Trailtechnik
    CHF 175.00
    Gaby Egli
  • E-MTB Trailtechnik
    CHF 175.00
    Martin Grunder