TWINNER – The mobility of the future

As a company dedicated to the fascination of “Swiss Made”, we have already revolutionised the bicycle industry several times. With the Stromer, the first communication-capable speed pedelec, and recently with the Lightrider E Ultimate, the lightest full-suspension e-mountain bike, we have underlined our pioneering role in the industry.

Now we are setting new standards… as we did before. Our newest creation: TWINNER.

Developed in the Swiss high-tech network, TWINNER embodies a revolutionary integration of vehicle technology and offers unrivalled range and maximum driving comfort.

Now we present our latest breakthrough: TWINNER – a mobility concept, a computer on two wheels. The TWINNER, developed in Oberried, is a carbon speed pedelec that combines optimum riding comfort, safety, style and durability.

With its unprecedented technology, TWINNER sets new standards in electromobility. The advanced integration of state-of-the-art technologies ensures an exceptional driving experience. Equipped with a powerful motor, TWINNER offers impressive speed and acceleration and propels riders effortlessly. The long-life battery enables long ranges and extended rides without compromise.

But TWINNER is more than just a means of transport – it is a statement of elegance and future-oriented thinking. Doch TWINNER ist mehr als nur ein Fortbewegungsmittel – es ist ein Statement für Eleganz und zukunftsorientiertes Denken.