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Let yourself be carried away and inspired.

For over 30 years, Thömus has stood for high-tech cycling from Switzerland. From the most successful cross country team in the professional circus to the dedicated racing bike beginners and the everyday commuters – we are always happy when we can live out the bike fever and inspire bike fans. Discover at the ramp sale novelties, bargains, second hand and much more. Let us spoil you with culinary delights and entertain you with an exciting evening program.

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The proof of the pudding is in the eating

A bicycle must fit its rider. The feeling must be right, it must meet your needs and should really fuel the anticipation of more. Test yourself at the ramp sale through our models and find exactly your bike.

Use our convenient shuttle bus to get there! On Thursday and Friday, the shuttle service requires a pre-registration by phone at 031 848 22 15, on Saturday and Sunday the bus runs according to the timetable.

Pure Swissness: Thömus Bikes with maxon Drive

Whether in the Lightrider E Ultimate for off-road use or in the Swissrider for urban use: the maxon BIKEDRIVE AIR drive system is a lightweight at only 3.5 kilograms – but still impresses with its power of 250W and peaks above 300W at a torque of 40 Nm. The driving experience is through the barely noticeable additional weight as natural as on bikes without E-support. However, as soon as it gets steeper on the climb, it feels like a magic hand is pushing you lightly. The unique freewheel technology of the maxon BIKEDRIVE AIR e-bike system ensures natural engagement and disengagement of the assistance. The result: an e-bike with the perfect balance between weight and agility.

Test TWINNER – the mobility of the future

In Switzerland, the daily distance of each individual is 30 kilometres on average, the perfect distance for a speed pedelec. No traffic jams, no search for a parking space and still accelerate from zero to 45 km/h in just 3.6 seconds – that’s exactly what the Twinner stands for. Test the mobility of tomorrow today in Oberried. TWINNER, It’s so tomorrow.

Fascination Gravelbike

Freedom, adventure and nature. Crunching gravel, dust on your skin, wind in your hair – away from the noise of the road. Crossing borders, exploring horizons. Gravelbiking is a passion that inspires and excites.

During the ramp sale we unveil exclusive Special Editions of our Gravel Bikes; the Sliker X Ultimate! Three new colors – one more beautiful than the other – which can be ordered directly at the Factory Sale. Come and see them live for the first time!

Opening hours and shuttle service

At the ramp sale we are there for you at the following times:

  • Thursday, 7. September
    10 – 20 h
  • Friday, 8. September
    10 – 21 h
  • Saturday, 9. September
    9 – 21 h
  • Sunday, 10. September
    9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

From Monday to Wednesday there are already evening events. Please note that the number of parking spaces at the pre-events is very limited and it may be that you have to park in an outdoor parking lot with shuttle service. The best way to get there is by bike or PubliBike.

Exciting evening program

PRE EVENT: Monday, 4. September
The TWINNER makers

The TWINNER stands for the mobility of tomorrow. Developed and designed in Oberried, made to make urban mobility faster and more efficient.
The TWINNER makers talk about challenges, approaches to solutions and design successes.

PRE EVENT: Tuesday, 5. September
Women on the (racing) bike

Although Switzerland is a country of female and male cyclists, only 23% of licensed Swiss Cycling athletes were female in 2021. Co-initiator and National Councillor Aline Trede talks about this and many other exciting topics related to the “cycling gender gap” as well as possible solutions such as the Tour de Berne.

PRE EVENT: Wednesday, 6. September
New life for old batteries

How good can batteries be? Prof. Dr. Andrea Vezzini and his team at the Bern University of Applied Sciences are working on this. In a pilot project, the team has developed a demonstrator that shows how retired e-bike batteries can be used as solar storage, for example.

Thursday, 7. September
Political evening in Oberried

Panel discussion on the elections to the Council of States with Werner Salzmann, Council of States member, and Flavia Wasserfallen, National Councilor/candidate for the Council of States. Short talk with the retiring Council of States member Hans Stöckli and former Council of States member Werner Luginbühl, co-chairman of the Swiss Bike Park patronage committee.

Friday, 8. September
Football, bike and business

YB CEO Wanja Greuel talks about the similarities and differences between sports and business and how important it is to “keep at it” in general.

Saturday, 9. September
The success maker

As coach of top athletes like Natascha Badmann, Toni Hasler is partly responsible for over 100 international medals. What is his secret?

24h Tour 2023 – Off to Lake Garda!

Goethe already recognized the beauty of Lake Garda during his trip to Italy in 1786. No wonder, because the mild climate on the lake allows a Mediterranean vegetation with palm trees, olive trees and lemon trees and attracts travelers from near and far. For us, this was reason enough to head for Italy again this year and take on the 461 km to Lake Garda.

To start with, we went through the Oberland: the route took us through the Gürbe and Stocken valleys to Spiez, along Lake Thun and Lake Brienz and into the Haslital, before the first highlight awaited us after just 100 kilometres: the Grimsel Pass.
The large dams in the upper part first gave the impression that the top of the pass had already been reached – but then it was time to grit our teeth once again, because there were still a dozen hairpin bends to go before we reached the pass sign.

The descent to Gletsch was characterised by the wide and pleasant serpentines, further through the Goms to Ulrichen, where the first ramp to the next pass was already waiting for us at the end of the village: the Nufenen. At 14 km, this is significantly shorter, but steeper.
After a final effort with a maximum gradient of around 13%, we reached the top of the pass, the first groups in a wonderful evening atmosphere, marmots and ibexes included. The long and fast descent into Val Bedretto to Airolo followed, down the Leventina to Bellinzona, where the second refreshment post was waiting for us. Strengthened, we tackled the Ceneri Pass, at night and wonderfully without traffic, and left Switzerland after almost exactly 300 kilometres.
The last stage was mostly flat with the exception of Brescia, one of the most beautiful cultural cities in Lombardy with a pretty castle, rather unspectacular. Most participants were now driven by the thought of the lake and the well-deserved aperitif.

We passed Sirmione, spotted another castle in the corner of our eye and headed for the lake just before Peschiera del Garda, where an incredible hero’s welcome awaited us. The sight of countless people wearing cycling shorts and drinking Aperol in the lake may have taken some getting used to – but it was an absolute highlight for the participants themselves.

Impressions of 24 hours zämä lide, zämä schwitze, zämä fiire.

TWINNER – The mobility of the future

As a company dedicated to the fascination of “Swiss Made”, we have already revolutionised the bicycle industry several times. With the Stromer, the first communication-capable speed pedelec, and recently with the Lightrider E Ultimate, the lightest full-suspension e-mountain bike, we have underlined our pioneering role in the industry.

Now we are setting new standards… as we did before. Our newest creation: TWINNER.

Developed in the Swiss high-tech network, TWINNER embodies a revolutionary integration of vehicle technology and offers unrivalled range and maximum driving comfort.

Now we present our latest breakthrough: TWINNER – a mobility concept, a computer on two wheels. The TWINNER, developed in Oberried, is a carbon speed pedelec that combines optimum riding comfort, safety, style and durability.

With its unprecedented technology, TWINNER sets new standards in electromobility. The advanced integration of state-of-the-art technologies ensures an exceptional driving experience. Equipped with a powerful motor, TWINNER offers impressive speed and acceleration and propels riders effortlessly. The long-life battery enables long ranges and extended rides without compromise.

But TWINNER is more than just a means of transport – it is a statement of elegance and future-oriented thinking. Doch TWINNER ist mehr als nur ein Fortbewegungsmittel – es ist ein Statement für Eleganz und zukunftsorientiertes Denken.

Thömus takes over 2-Rad-Center Hartmann in Lenzburg

In a succession arrangement, Thömus AG will take over the traditional company 2-Rad-Center Hartmann in Lenzburg from January 2023, opening its first store with workshop in the Aargau region. All employees will be retained.

René and Anita Hartmann have been running the family business most recently. Regarding the succession plan, they say: “Finding a Swiss solution was very important to us. With Swissness, personal advice, quality and a wide range of services, Thömus stands for the same values that 2-Rad-Center Hartmann has lived by for the past almost 60 years.”

In addition to modern premises, a spacious workshop also belongs to the specialist dealer established in the region. With this acquisition, Thömus continues its expansion throughout Switzerland and makes Velo Hightech from Bern also easily accessible for the Aargau region in the future.

“Swissness is in our DNA,” says Thomas Binggeli, CEO and test driver at Thömus. “We rely on Swiss development, Swiss production and our community. It is central for us to bring our proven service close to our customers.”

It’s not just selling bikes. The community is a particularly important point for Thömus, a philosophy. Velo fans of all ages and strengths meet at various events for joint activities. The customer experiences gathered in the process flow directly back into the further development of the models.

The acquisition is effective as of 2023. From February 1, the premises in Lenzburg will also visually appear under the Thömus flag. Of course, bikes of all brands will continue to be repaired and serviced.

Daniel Uebersax, CMO und COO Thömus AG
079 734 60 96 | [email protected]

In 1991, the then 17-year-old Thomas Binggeli founded “Thömus Veloshop” on his parents’ farm in Oberried near Köniz (BE), where the headquarters are still located today. Since the step from bicycle dealer to bicycle developer in 1998, the company stands for bicycle high-tech from Switzerland. Cross country overall World Cup winner Alessandra Keller and Olympic medalist Mathias Flückiger have also been relying on this for several years. Whether gravel bike, racing bike, mountain bike or e-bike – all Thömus bikes have one thing in common: they are developed, designed and built here in Switzerland exactly according to the wishes and needs of the customers. This means that the shortest possible delivery times can be offered – completely “Swiss made to fascinate”.

After about 40 years in the family business, 20 of them as owner and managing director, René Hartmann has decided to focus, together with his family, on the sports and health practice, which he has built up over the last 30 years in parallel with the bicycle business.